Descendants of James Rogers father of the RangersJames Rogers was the father of the famous Major Robert Rogers, leader of Rogers Rangers in the period of the French and Indian War in colonial America.  Robert also had three brothers who served in the Rangers, James Rogers,  Richard Rogers and John Rogers.  Robert had advanced to the rank of Lt Col of the Queens Rangers, James to Lt Col of the Kings Rangers,  Richard died a Captain of small pox in 1757 and it is unknown what became of John but he may have traveled to Charleston, South Carolina with Robert in 1762 and stayed in the South. This web site lists the known descendants of their father James Rogers who reportedly came from Ireland in 1729. These Rangers are the namesake of today's US Army Rangers and  Green Berets, their fighting tactics are key to today's elite forces.


The Rogers family settled in what is now Dunbarton, New Hampshire where James named the area of the Great Meadow, Montalona for his old home near Londonderry, Ireland.  In 2005 I registered for the new home of this web site. The cellar site of the Rogers home is located on Robert Rogers Rd. approximately 1/2 mile west of Montalona Rd.


This site started in 2004 by a 5th great grandson of Col James Rogers U.E. The Lord Dorchester in the proclamation of 1789 granted all descents, male and female, of persons who lived in colonial America prior to the Revolution and fought for the Royal Standard in the American Revolution, the right to use the initials U.E. after their name. U.E. stands for Unity of the Empire and is sometimes referred to as UEL or United Empire Loyalists which is an association of U.E. members. In this site all direct descendants of Col James Rogers have a U.E. after their name, also note descendants that did not fight for the crown and remained in America do not carry this title.  Some descendant's names are also followed by S.A.R. or D.A.R. signifying those who are eligible for membership in the Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution.  Books about the Rogers Family are at the bottom of each page.

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The Works of Rev. David McGregor 1710 - 1777
8 pages front matter, 172 pages of Rev. David McGregor's (MacGregore's) Sermons
©2006 William Gorman
A Concise Account of North America By Major Robert Rogers
8 pages front matter, original book condensed to 180 pages in modern typeset, 18 pages of appendix.
$23.00 from Heritage Books
ISBN: 0788442813
©2006 William Gorman


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Books about the Rogers Family

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New Robert Rogers  Biography by Gary Zaboly

A True Ranger


Rising Above Circumstances

The Rogers Family in Colonial America

By: Robert J. Rogers U.E.

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The Annotated and Illustrated Journals of Major Robert Rogers
by Robert Rogers, Gary S. Zaboly (Illustrator), Timothy J. Todish

Robert Rogers of the Rangers
by John R. Cuneo

Reminiscences of the French War

Robert Rogers' Journal and a Memoir of General Stark

American Colonial Ranger: The Northern Colonies, 1724-65 (Warrior)

By: Gary Zaboly

Crucible of War

By: Fred Anderson

Hard Cover Version

Northwest Passage

By: Kenneth Roberts

The Movie on VHS

America's First First World War

By: Timothy J. Todish


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Scalp Hunters - Abenaki Ambush at Lovewell Pond -1725

By: Alfred E. Kayworth and Raymond G. Potvin

White Devil

By: Stephen Brumwell

A Concise Account of North America By Major Robert Rogers

Background image is from 1934 Canadian United Empire Loyalist postage Stamp, representing the migration of American loyalist to Canada.


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