Descendants of James Rogers

First Generation

1. James Rogers was born on 30 Jun 1706 in Ireland (presumed date and place not verified). He died in 1753 in Bow, New Hampshire. He was buried in Forest Hill Grave Yard, Derry, New Hampshire.

Father of James, Robert and Richard Rogers of Rogers' Rangers

James was dressed in a bear coat and hat, on his way to have dinner with Ebenezer Ayer who he had heard just shown up for hunting season and Ebenezer saw what he thought was a bear coming up Walnut Hill and shot him. James fell mortally wounded, his friend took him back to his cabin, but nothing could be done, he died shortly before midnight in the company of his grieving family. A few days later a brief service was held and his coffin was placed neath the trees so all could have an opportunity to view for the last time the man they all respected and honored. After all had viewed Mr. Rogers the coffin was closed, a procession was formed and they began their long journey to Londonderry.

In Alice Hadley's book "Where the Wind Blows Free" The Family moved to Gorhamtown in 1742 (named it Montalona then Starkstown and now Dunbarton). The East Dunbarton Cemetery was first located on the land of Perley Warriener, it was later relocated to its present site. It is the resting place of the early Putney family and sons of James Rogers. (on the North side of the intersection of Robert Rogers Rd. and Montalona Rd.)

The name Rogers originated with Roger I ruler of Sicily, the youngest son of Trancred of Hauteville. Born in 1031 AD and died in 1101 AD. He reportedly fought with William the Conqueror. His son Roger II King of Naples and Sicily born in 1093 AD, he united all the Norman conquests into one kingdom.

Sometimes in history an inaccurate story is started and for hundreds of years later these false histories are perpetuated until logic and investigation uncovers the truth. Many claim James was from Ireland, we know he lived amongst the Irish in New Hampshire and that would cause many to think he was Irish. He may have claimed to be Irish just to pacify his neighbors, maybe he was Irish. If he was Irish it is hard to understand why his children were so loyal to the Crown of England, when the Irish were know to not get along with the English. He may have been an untraceable Irishman or he may have been James Rogers born January 31, 1702 in Wytham, Berkshire, England, whose brother and uncle named Richard, sister and mother named Mary, grandfather and uncle named Robert, grandmother and aunt were Martha. Many of the names of his own family. Who is to say there is no way this James Rogers, from Wytham, could have moved to Ireland. At some point the Rogers did move to Ireland from England but before they moved to England they came from Italy. When James McGregor Rogers renamed the split township of Kent, Vermont, he named them Londonderry and Windham, possibly for the family’s homes in Ireland and England.

James married Mary MacPhartridge in Dec 1725 in Dublin, Ireland. Mary was born about Aug 1705 in Ireland. She died before 1772 in Dunbarton, New Hampshire. She was buried in Possibly Dumbarton Cemetery.

Spelling of Margaret's name is not known, could be McFactridge, Mc Fetridge, McPartridge ect ect.

James and Mary had the following children:

  2 M i Daniel Rogers was born on 21 Aug 1722 in Londonderry, Ireland. He died in Drowned at Sea off of Cuba.

Went to sea and drowned off of Cuba. He had been married and had children

16 ships lost off Cuba on the 26th of September 1762 in a hurricane the Speedwel was one of them.

According to Josiah Drummond's "The Two James Rogers" Daniel was appointed chairman of a commitee of proprietors (of Dunbarton) December 29, 1773
+ 3 M ii Samuel Rogers was born before 17 Mar 1725. He died on 17 Mar 1802.
+ 4 F iii Martha Rogers was born on 5 Aug 1726. She died on 7 Sep 1790.
+ 5 M iv Col. James Rogers U.E. was born on 2 Apr 1728. He died on 23 Sep 1790.
+ 6 M v Col. Robert Rogers was born on 7 Nov 1731. He died on 18 May 1795.
+ 7 F vi Amy Rogers was born about 1733.
  8 M vii Captain Richard Rogers U.E. was born on 6 May 1734 in Methuen, Essex, Mass. He died on 22 Jun 1757 in Ft. William Henry, New York. The cause of death was Small Pox. He was buried in Ft. William Henry, New York.

Captain Richard Rogers was in the Rangers and fought with John Stark during the French war Died of Smallpox at Fort William Henry, after he was buried his body was dug up by Indians for his scalp which spread small pox amongst the Indians killing thousands of Indians all the way to the Mississippi River and was known as Rogers' Revenge. Richard died unmarried.
+ 9 F viii Mary Rogers was born on 3 Aug 1736. She died in 1820.
+ 10 F ix Catherine Rogers was born about 1739. She died in 1783.
  11 M x John Rogers was born in 1741 in Dunbarton, New Hampshire.

I don't have much information about John, but in Mary Cochrane Rogers book Battle Fought on Snow Shoes, she lists John Rogers as a recruit of James Rogers in October 1757 on page 30. Robert Rogers was reportedly in Charleston for 18 months just after he was married to Elizabeth Brown according to her request for a divorce. James Rogers was reportedly in Charleston also which would make it very likely that John would have also been in the area. Being no records of John has been found since in New England I believe he is very likely the same John Rogers the Tory also thought to be a Scotsman and was known to get along well with the Cherokees of the Carolinas he also was the same age as John Rogers of Dumbarton. Capt. John Rogers who married Annie Alsey Pruett Vann and his descendants became Chief. I will be adding a separate section of the descendants of Capt John Rogers of North Carolina in the near future who is said to be the ancestor of the famous Will Rogers.

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