Descendants of James Rogers

Second Generation

3. Samuel Rogers (James ) was born before 17 Mar 1725. He died on 17 Mar 1802 in Bow, Merrimack, New Hampshire. He was buried in East Dunbarton Cemetery, Dunbarton, Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Samuel's tomb stone states he was 77 years old when he died on March 17 1802, this would mean he was born between March 18 1724 and March 17 1725. His tombstone reads "Samuel Rogers one of the first settlers of Bow, N.H. died March 17, 1802 AE 77".

Samuel married Anna Caldwell daughter of Charles Caldwell and Anna Ruggles about 1750. Anna was born on 28 Feb 1729 in Goffstown, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. She died on 25 Apr 1800.

They had the following children:

+ 12 M i William Rogers was born in 1750. He died about 1835.
+ 13 F ii Elizabeth (Betsy) Rogers was born in 1756. She died on 30 May 1839.

4. Martha Rogers (James ) was born on 5 Aug 1726 in Ireland?. She died on 7 Sep 1790 in Westminster, Vermont.

Martha married John Miller son of Samuel Millar about 1750. John was born on 3 Aug 1725 in Londonderry, Ireland. He died on 23 May 1804 in Westminster, Vermont.

source: Robert J. Rogers "Rising Above Circumstances"

Settled in Eastern part of Dunbarton, New Hampshire
Source: Alice Hadley "Where the Wind Blows Free"

John and Martha had the following children:

+ 14 M i Daniel Millar was born in 1750.
+ 15 F ii Mary Millar was born about 1751. She died on 22 Jun 1833.
+ 16 M iii Robert Miller was born about 1753. He died on 19 Jun 1853.
  17 M iv John Millar was born about 1755 in Dunbarton, Merrimack,, New Hampshire. He died in Westminster, Vermont.

1800 Census for Westminster John has a wife likely children had moved out.
+ 18 M v James Miller was born on 24 Jun 1761. He died in 1818.

5. Col. James Rogers U.E. 1 (James ) was born on 2 Apr 1728 in Ireland. He died on 23 Sep 1790 in Fredericksburg, Lennox and Addington, Ontario, Canada.

Canada Archives claims James Born 1728 in Ireland moved to New Hampshire 1729. Some sources say 1731 but at that time the family had left Ireland 2 years prior.

In 1777, Vermont declared itself an independent republic. When the Continental Congress refused to recognize her independence, Ethan Allen negotiated with British Major James Rogers about the possibility of making Vermont an indipendant state, seperate from the 13 orther colonies and England. For this, he was accused of treason, though the charge was later dropped. After the Treaty of Paris, hostilities continued in Vermont, up until her admission as a state in 1791. According to Dr. Stephen Stevens, grandson of Abel Stevens, "The New Yorkers and the French and Indians destroyed everything possible, burned homes, took people captive, murdered many, until it became a fearful place to live in...." According to Stevens, this was the reason so many of his family moved to Canada.

Major James Rogers (1726?-1792), of Rogers' Rangers, is on record as Master of St James', No 14, at Cataraqui (Kingston) in 1781.

Papers and clippings relating to the career of Lt.-Col. James Rogers, 1726-1790, the ancestor of the Rogers family. During the Seven Years' War he served as a captain in the Rogers Rangers commanded by his famous brother Robert Rogers, 1731-1795. During the American Revolution he was major in the King's Rangers.

In 1784 he led his disbanded loyalists to settle at Fredericksburg on the Bay of Quinte. Newspaper clippings report the unveiling of the following plaque on June 16, 1963 at the village of Sandhurst in South Fredericksburg Township to mark the history of the settlement.

Born in Ireland, Rogers emigrated with his family to Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1730. During the Seven years War he served in the Queen’s rangers (Roger’s Rangers), a provincial corps raised by his brother Robert, and was present at the capture of Louisbourg and of Quebec. In the American Revolution he commanded the 2nd Battalion, King’s Rangers, thereby forfeiting some 50,000 acres in the old colonies. In 1784 he led a party of about 300 disbanded King’s Rangers and their families to this vicinity where they were granted land. Rogers, who first settled in Fredericksburgh, where he became lieutenant-colonel of the militia, lived for a time in Prince Edward County but returned to this township before his death. Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario

"Rogers Rangers, the Queen's Rangers, and the King's Rangers."


In the beginning ...
well, almost the beginning, James Rogers was commissioned as captain of one of the four new companies of Rangers. In April, James' and three other companies of Rangers, set sail for Halifax. Out of an invasion force of approximately 27,000 men (including sailors etc) the Rangers and Independent Provincial Companies (Militia) accounted for about 500 fighting men.

The year is 1758, and a second expedition is underway against Port Royal (Louisbourg). After a six week siege, the Fortress of Louisbourg surrenders. King George II hears wonderful things about the 'Rangers' and orders them to be included on the expedition to Quebec the following year.

Now for some background:
1755: James Rogers volunteers in the provincial corps (Militia) Increased hostilities/tensions at border areas.
1756: War officially begins (7 Years War/French and Indian War)
1757: The British attempt to capture the fortress of Louisbourg and fail. James' was a Lieutenant at the time.
1758: The Ranger Corps is expanded and James is promoted to Captain. The Fortress of Louisbourg falls.
1759: The Rangers take part in the assault on Quebec.

After the battle, James assumes command of the remaining Rangers and returns to Boston with them. The Rangers are disbanded on November 30th.

1760: On March 19th, James is ordered to raise another company of Rangers to join Robert at Crown Point. He participates in the 'Battle of Point au Fer' and other operations along the Richelieu River before heading to Montreal. Governor Vaudreuil surrenders Montreal (and all of New France) on the 8th of September, ending the war in North America. The Rangers are disbanded in New York on November 11th.
New Hampshire Historical Markers
Haverhill (56)

This rivers' junction two miles north was rendezvous for Rogers Rangers after their destruction of St. Francis, Que., October 4, 1759. Pursuing Indians and starvation had plagued their retreat and more tragedy awaited here. The expected rescue party bringing food had come and gone. Many Rangers perished and early settlers found their bones along these intervales.

Located on the west side of NH 10, about 2 miles south of Woodsville village.
UEL Rogers, James Col..... Marysburg & Sophiasburg, Major Commandant, P.L. 1786, page 244, sons David M. & James Jr. both in King's Rangers, P.L. 1786

James married Margaret McGregor 1 daughter of Rev. David McGregor and Mary Boyd in Mar 1760 in Rockingham Co., New Hampshire. Margaret was born about 1740 in Londonderry, Rockingham, , New Hampshire. She died on 2 Dec 1793 in Fredericksburg, Lennox and Addington, Ontario, Canada. She was buried in Posibly at John Peters Farm.

They had the following children:

  19 M i David Rogers U.E. was born on 7 Nov 1762 in Dunbarton, New Hampshire. He died on 2 Nov 1766 in Dunbarton, New Hampshire. He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Derry, New Hampshire.

This David died just before his 4th birthday, his grave (photo on file) is just about 12 feet from the Northeast corner of the rails around the McGregor graves. Not to be confused with David McGregor Rogers who was the 2nd David of James and Margaret Rogers.
+ 20 F ii Mary Elinore Rogers U.E. was born in 1763. She died on 1 Dec 1793.
+ 21 M iii James McGregor Rogers U.E. Jr. was born on 22 Nov 1764. He died on 22 Dec 1841.
+ 22 M iv David McGregor Rogers U.E. Esq. M.O.P. was born on 23 Nov 1772. He died in 1824.
+ 23 F v Margaret Rogers U.E. was born on 25 Mar 1774. She died on 22 Aug 1866.
+ 24 F vi Mary Ann Rogers U.E..

6. Col. Robert Rogers 1 (James ) was born on 7 Nov 1731 in Cross Street & Hampshire Road, Methuen, Essex, Mass.. He died on 18 May 1795 in Borough, England. He was buried in Church yard which later became Elephant Hotel and Castle, 1 Woolton St, Liverpool, Borough, England.

As a boy Robert made birch and hazel brooms in Dunbarton and carried them to Concord on his back to sell.

"Wabi Madahondo - The White Devil" is the name given to Robert Rogers by the Abinakis Indians of St Francis of the Lake.

The name Oregon was first coined by Robert Rogers in his writing in 1778

The Conspiracy at New York is not yet thoroughly developed, nor has any thing transpired, the whole being kept secret till the whole is got through. One fact is known of necessity, that one of the General's lifeguards being thoroughly convicted was to be shot last Saturday. General Howe with some ships (we know not how many) is arrived at the Hook, and, as is said, has landed some horse on the Jersey shore. The famous Major Rogers is in custody on violent suspicion of being concerned in the conspiracy. Writings of Thomas Jefferson vol. 1

"The last account I had of Colonel Rogers, was his being in New Orleans, with six of his men. The rest he left at the Spanish Ozack, above the Natches. I shall immediately send him some provisions as I learn he is in great want. I doubt he will not be able to get his goods up the river except in Spanish bottoms. One regiment would be able to clear the Mississippi, and do great damage to the British interests in Florida, and, by properly conducting themselves, might perhaps gain the affection of the people, so as to raise a sufficient force to give shock to Pensacola." (Was there another Col Robert Rogers in the Revolutionary War?) Writings of Thomas Jefferson vol. 1 p. 223 letter to the Governor of Virginia (Thomas Jefferson) from G. R. Clark June 18, 1779

Robert married Elizabeth Browne daughter of Rev. Arthur Browne about 1760. They were divorced in 1778. Elizabeth was born in 1741. She died in 1813 in Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire.

They had the following children:

+ 25 M i Esq. Arthur Rogers was born on 12 Feb 1769. He died in 1841.

7. Amy Rogers (James ) was born about 1733. She died in Newbury, Vermont ?.

(AKA Ame Smith)
Some records show Amy as Amy Smith which was likely an alias for Rogers during the Revolution

Amy married Samuel Barnett 1 about 1751. Samuel was born about 1731 in Of Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He died in Newbury, Vermont ?.

They had the following children:

  26 F i Hannah Barnett was born on 12 Aug 1752 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
  27 M ii Samuel Barnett III was born on 11 Jul 1754 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
+ 28 M iii Benjamin Barnett was born on 20 Oct 1756. He died in 1828.
  29 M iv John Barnett was born on 27 Sep 1758 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
  30 F v Anne Sarah Barnett was born on 11 Oct 1760 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
+ 31 M vi Nehemiah Barnett was born on 11 Jan 1763. He died on 3 Apr 1844.
  32 F vii Molly Barnett was born on 21 Feb 1765 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
+ 33 M viii Job Barnett was born on 17 May 1767.
  34 F ix Esther Barnett was born about 1769 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.
  35 M x Joseph Barnett was born in 1776 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. He died on 17 Jul 1835.
        Joseph married Harriet Morgan on 6 Dec 1811. Harriet was born about 1780 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

9. Mary Rogers 1 (James ) was born on 3 Aug 1736 in Methuen, Essex, Mass.. She died in 1820 in Richford, Vermont. She was buried in Richford, Vermont.

5 sons 5 daughters

I am a direct descendant of Mary Rogers Miller, sister of Robert Rogers. Mary married Hugh Miller, not James Blair. Hugh fought with Rogers Rangers during the French and Indian War. They eventually settled in Richford, VT, where there is a gravestone honoring Hugh and Mary Rogers Miller as being the first settlers of the town of Richford. The town of Richford's old historical books, also confirm this. I also have a book recently published by Robert J. Rogers, descendent of Robert Rogers' brother, James, who gives a wonderful account of the Rogers family. It is called Rising Above Circumstances. Sally

Mary married Hugh Miller son of Samuel Millar about 1751. Hugh was born in 1734 in Dunbarton, New Hampshire ?. He died in 1810 in Richford, Vermont.

Hugh is in Bradford, Orange, Vermont in the 1790 census.

Hugh and Mary had the following children:

+ 36 F i Hannah Miller was born on 12 Aug 1752.
  37 M ii Robert Miller was born in 1757.
  38 M iii Samuel Miller was born in 1759.
+ 39 F iv Mary Ann Miller D.A.R. was born about 1760. She died in 1820.
  40 F v Catherine Miller was born about 1762.
        Catherine married Robert Kennedy about 1783.
+ 41 M vi James Miller Sr was born in 1763.
+ 42 M vii Daniel Miller was born about 1766. He died in 1810.
  43 F viii Amy Miller was born about 1768 in Vermont.
        Amy married Captain Benjamin Barnett about 1788.
  44 F ix Ruth Miller was born about 1770 in Vermont.
+ 45 M x Jacob Miller was born on 12 Jul 1773. He died on 17 Jul 1858.

10. Catherine Rogers (James ) was born about 1739 in Dunbarton, New Hampshire ?. She died in 1783.

Catherine married Alexander Blair son of Captain James Blair and Isabella Rankin on 2 May 1758. Alexander was born on 11 Feb 1730 in Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire. He died in 1767 in New Hampshire.

They had the following children:

  46 M i James Blair was born about 1760 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.
        James married Molly Barnet in Oct 1787 in Merrimack, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. Molly was born on 21 Feb 1765 in Merrimack, Hillsboro, New Hampshire.
  47 M ii David Blair was born about 1753 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.
        David married Ann Stanton about 1775. Ann was born about 1755.
  48 M iii Robert Blair was born about 1764 in Londonderry, New Hampshire. He died in 1844.
        Robert married Sally about 1791 in Carroll, New Hampshire. Sally was born about 1770 in Carroll, New Hampshire.
  49 M iv Alexander Blair was born about 1764 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

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